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Excellence in underground engineering since 1970. Specialties: storm drains, water, sewer, fire protection, natural gas, excavations and more.

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Premium underground electrical systems that keep communities running. Specialties: public utilities, telecom, joint trenching, security and more.

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Excellence in underground engineering since 1970. Specialties: storm drains, water, sewer, fire protection, natural gas, excavations and more.

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Quality. Integrity. Service.

The Preston Companies bring extensive expertise and hands-on partnership to complex projects. Our services include excavating and installing underground wet and dry utilities, soils testing and management, and fill site management.

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Article March 8, 2022

Celebrating Women in Construction Week | Sea Hong

In celebration of Women in Construction Week, we’re highlighting just a small handful of our powerhouse Preston women to gain some insight into how they began their careers in the construction industry and what they’ve learned along the way.

Meet DirtMarket Project Manager Sea Hong. Sea has been in the construction industry for six years and at DirtMarket for five years. She began working at Preston as a Project Engineer and has since worked her way up to Project Manager with DirtMarket, a Preston Company.

What motivated you to start a career in construction?

When I was a student in engineering, I was tasked with a project to research and calculate the key structural materials for the construction of a power plant and prepare a storyboard of the construction process. Doing this made me wonder what it would be like to build a structure that would last for a long time and be of value to so many people. After completing the project, being able to see the power plant in a 3-D model gave me a big sense of accomplishment and made me excited to imagine how it would feel to actually see this and other construction projects get built in real life, or even better, to take part in the construction in real life.

Another thing that intrigued me about the construction industry was teamwork. Driving or walking by a job site covered with fences always made me curious about what was happening on the other side of the fences. I’ve found that it’s always hard-working people building whatever structure it is together as a team and I’ve always wanted to work with others as part of a team, contributing to building something bigger than myself.

What is your favorite thing about working in the industry?

My favorite thing about working with a soil management contractor is finding sustainable and cost-effective solutions for the clients we work with and knowing you have saved space in landfills. It makes me feel good because we’re using a natural resource (good soil) and we’re not wasting it at a landfill, instead we’re putting it to good use.

What is your advice for young women thinking about starting a career in the industry?

Surround yourself with people who share your values, this includes your employer, co-workers, colleagues, and friends. The nature of work, pay, workspace and work hours are all important, but I believe that the people you work with are the most important piece in order to feel supported, empowered, and stay motivated.

What motivates you to come to work and excel every day?

What motivates me are two things: our team and our long-term goal, which is for DirtMarket to be a major hub of soil moving in the bay area where anyone can find a sustainable solution for their construction project.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

“Keep calm and carry on” by Winston Churchill is my favorite quote that I repeat to myself. I can naturally be a nervous and anxious person in general, and the construction industry can be a fast pace working environment, so I keep this quote in mind to stay grounded and continue working without reacting to inevitable changes. This helps me to stay flexible and relaxed to execute tasks throughout the day!

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