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Excellence in underground engineering since 1970. Specialties: storm drains, water, sewer, fire protection, natural gas, excavations and more.

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Premium underground electrical systems that keep communities running. Specialties: public utilities, telecom, joint trenching, security and more.

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Excellence in underground engineering since 1970. Specialties: storm drains, water, sewer, fire protection, natural gas, excavations and more.

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Quality. Integrity. Service.

The Preston Companies bring extensive expertise and hands-on partnership to complex projects. Our services include excavating and installing underground wet and dry utilities, soils testing and management, and fill site management.

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Article March 10, 2022

Celebrating Women in Construction Week | Lindsay Cambra

In celebration of Women in Construction Week, we’re highlighting just a small handful of our powerhouse Preston women to gain some insight into how they began their careers in the construction industry and what they’ve learned along the way.

Meet Assistant Construction Manager Lindsay Cambra. Lindsay has been in the construction industry for six years. She began working at Preston as an intern in 2011 and has served Preston in various roles including Project Engineer and Project Manager.

What motivated you to start a career in construction?

I always had an interest in law and engineering, so when I was able to get hands-on experience working with professional engineers, consultants, and occasionally attorneys during my internships and years in construction, I started to see the potential for forming a unique career path that would be perfect for me.

What is your favorite thing about working in the industry?

My favorite thing about working in the industry as well as my favorite thing about my position is that every project is singular with its own set of challenges and opportunities for problem-solving to find unique solutions.

What is your advice for young women thinking about starting a career in the industry?

This is a tough industry to start out in, you definitely need a lot of drive and a lot of heart to be sure. There are sometimes a lot of long days with early mornings and late nights with your work not necessarily ending just because you leave the office, but these tough days bring such a huge sense of fulfillment. When you problem solve, get done what needs to be done, and at the end of the day, were a part of building something – that’s a fantastic feeling.

What motivates you to come to work and excel every day?

Honestly, the owner and leadership team we have at Preston inspires me to do great. When you love where you work and who you work for, personable people who actually know you and care, you want to work to make them proud.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Practically, always know your contract and specifications. Philosophically, knowledge is power, so never think you are the smartest person in the room because then you’ll never learn anything.

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